WoW Classic Boost On – The “good Old days” Are Finally Here!

With the arrival of Classic servers you can enjoy the game in all its glory! Why order any WoW Classic boost when you can slow down to enjoy how it was to…

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Wait an hour or more at the summon stone with a buddy, while other two players spam chat channels looking for the fifth member! In case you lost someone half-way in a big dungeon, remember that trash mobs usually respawn in less than 30 minutes.

Having no daily quests to improve your reputations or earn gold! We’re back to farming boars and donating trade goods!

These and other features, like no fast out-of-combat regen or ludicrous prices for plate armor repairs, make the game so much memorable! Because, who needs basic convenience and smart QoL changes, right? Whatever your case, you can always count on to provide you with cheap, discreet and reliable service!